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If you sell any kind of product or service online, as a business owner or affiliate marketer, Guru Tales is the resource guide you will want to refer to again and again to give your business an instant cash injection.

My Partner Jane and I have been operating a successful 7 figure online advertising business Since 2001. We are regarded as experts by our peers, our members, and online friends.

Over the past few years we have been blessed to be part of an elite "Inner Circle." A group of marketers consisting of amazing people like Willie Crawford, Mark Joyner, Joe Vitale, Mike Filsaime, Frank Sousa, Mike Glaspie, Ken McArthur, Michel Fortin, Allyn Cutts, Lasse Rouhiainen, Bob Yeager and many others we call friends.

Many of these folks earn millions of dollars every year, some tens of millions. We have listened to them, we have taken their advice, and we have analyzed their tactics. Guru Tales is the result of these relationships.
This is a rolodex of the very best traffic, solo ad services, marketing software, and business tools available online.

* Am I telling tales out of school?

* Am I revealing resources and services you may not have seen before?

Am I sharing secret marketing & business tools the top experts use every day?

You could say that?

But I believe you deserve a share of the internet riches available.

I believe you deserve a chance to live your dreams too.
In Guru Tales you will find over 100 top resources the Guru's use to market and run their million dollar businesses online. Here is a sneak preview.
25 Amazing Solo Ad Services: These are the exact same solo ad services use by many of the web's best known experts. You don't need to search for good sources anymore. You'll have them right at your fingertips.
10 Top Contact Mailing Lists: Pay one time and you can send your best offers multiple times to these responsive lists. Use these lists to build your own lists by sending folks to your capture pages.
10 Incredible Website Traffic Services: Use these top sites to generate all the targeted traffic you will ever need for your sites. This will allow you to use a variety of CPC, CPA, PPC, CPM campaigns to keep the sales flowing.
4 Highly Ranked Article Submission Services: Use these top services to get your content distributed to a wide network of sites. Give your websites and brand a welcome credibility boost.
3 Remarkable Automated Traffic Tools. Use these top services to get your content distributed to a wide network of sites while youn save time and effort. Perfect for hands off marketing.
5 Excellent Backlink Services. Use these top sites to get your website ranked higher and to generate the targeted traffic you need for your websites. Google loves high quality relevant backlinks.
12 Top Advertising and Marketing Forums. Use forums to get known, build credibility, help others, discover new techniques and strategies, and to form Joint Venture partnerships.
Plus there are many more fabulous resources wating for you to discover them in Guru Tales.

As I said earlier, if the only resources in GuruTales were the 25 solo ad vendors, this guide would be a bargain at 5 times the price I am asking, but you will be getting instant access to more than 100 top resources for less than 70 cents per resource, so treat yourself and purchase this essential resource guide now.

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